AR308, 7.62x51mm

PKM, 7.62x54R

Saiga 12, 12 Gauge Shotgun

Glock 18, 9mm

STEN MK2 9mm

UZI 9mm


M16A1, 5.56x45mm

M60E3, 7.62x51mm 

Rental's / Event hosting include a full day of shooting with snacks and drinks provided. Parties of 4 or more people are preferred. Smaller parties can be accommodated for a slightly higher price. 

Full auto firearms available to rent range from a GE M134 MINIGUN, 1919A4, HK416, HK UMP45, HK G36E, AR15's in 300 Blackout, .22LR and .223, AR308, Glock 18, MP5, M60E3, M60 in standard configuration, Saiga 12 shotgun, AK74, AK47, 10/22, M249, PKM, Uzi, Sten MK2 and MK5, MPX, MG42 and many more. I am updating my inventory weekly and always getting more firearms for you to shoot! 

Coming soon:

Thompson Submachinegun

Grease Gun

For pricing on rentals and events please feel free to contact me for quotes. Ammo is not included in the rental price and can be purchased on site while shooting for very reasonable prices.

Firearms are NOT for sale unless you're a FFL with current SOT and demo letter. 

GE M134 MINIGUN, 308 Win


Glock 18 in RONI kit, 9mm

M249, 5.56x45mm

​MP5, 9mm

HK416, 5.45x45mm

M4, 5.56x45mm

AK74, 5.45x39mm