Since 2004, the owner Kris Paulson has been customizing firearms and building them for people from all over. Starting as a hobby to help friends and family, it quickly grew into something more. Once finishing high school Kris went to college for mechanical engineering at Dunwoody in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before graduating he felt a higher calling and joined the United States Army and became a Paratrooper with the 173rd ABCT, 2/503 ABN INF in Battle Company. After being hurt in Afghanistan he left the military and went back to college for business management. In 2012 he left for Afghanistan again as a private military contractor working at the embassy in Kabul as a Personal Security Specialist. Finally, in 2014 he left his job working in Afghanistan to focus on a career that would afford him more time with his family and be closer to home.

With a time lapse in work from being over seas in Afghanistan and a move across country, DTV Tactical Innovations has been a top priority to get back to full strength. Settling in Hendersonville, Tennessee, DTV has come full swing and is up and running as a 07/02 FFL/SOT manufacturing and gunsmithing shop. Although it's a home based business, it has all the equipment needed for almost any job. With the purchase of another CNC milling machine DTV's capabilities have become ever more increasing in the already broad range of services they offer.

DTV Tactical Innovations was officially founded in 2015 by Kris Paulson as a custom gunsmith shop. Our main focus is to provide customers with an affordable way to bring their ideas to reality and have their firearms customized to there needs.

Before officially opening, DTV have been operating as a gunsmith shop since 2004. Recently settling in Tennessee has given DTV Tactical Innovations the perfect location to start offering its services to people nation wide.

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Custom work and Brand Names

In addition to our ability to customize firearms, we are an authorized dealer for almost all name brand firearms, products and accessories.